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Easily develop web applications by combining GPT and Wasp. Simplify the process of creating your apps in React, Node.js or Prisma.

Match That Role

Trouvez le job idéal avec un outil IA qui analyse les CV et les offres d’emploi pour les mettre en correspondance automatiquement.

SDXL Turbo Online

With SDXL Turbo, you generate images from text or images in near real time (ADD). Fine-tuning is also easily performed.

DALL·E 3 Avatar Generator

Upload a photo and get a free, high-quality personalized avatar. Works with ChatGPT Vision and Dall-E 3.


Simplescraper is an AI tool for easily extracting data from a website. Very useful when creating GPTS to obtain data in JSON or CSV format.


An AI assistant that behaves like a professional manager. It works with ChatGPT and can handle repetitive requests from your employees.


Learn a new language with the help of a polyglot AI. Conversational chatbot available in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

AI or Human

A game in which you have to guess which images are of human origin and which have been created by artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an assistant that makes your web browsing more efficient. Get personalized suggestions and tips. Edge and Chrome compatible.


Misgif can replace the face of a character in a GIF with your own, thanks to an AI technique called Faceswap. Also includes editing tools.

Mr. Cook

Mr. Cook is an AI recipe generator designed to help you cook faster. Features a variety of dietary options and works via a prompt.


An intelligent assistant that can summarize an article based simply on a web address (url). Ideal for long or complex texts.

SharkTank AI

Validate your start-up idea with an AI business expert. Present your project, the financing you’re looking for and the equity offer to get you started.

Banner GPT

AI for easy creation of professionally designed blog banners. Possibility of producing banners that retain your site’s graphic identity.

Ask your questions to an expert AI and get objective analyses of world news, politics, business, new technologies and more.

CapCut Online Creative Suite

CapCut AI is a huge collection of AI tools for easy editing of your videos: subtitles, special effects, background removal, etc.

Stable Video Diffusion

Stable Video Diffusion is a brand new video generator working with an image as a reference (soon text-to-video). Created by